The Man Who Can't Breathe

Hey guys, thanks for stopping by !

I did this character on my freetime for the last 3 weeks, I streamed most of the process on my twitch channel ( except the long renders ! ) .
I had a lot of fun creating these dirty textures in Mari.
All the videos are on my youtube channel ( Links below ).
This is rendered in Vray for 3dsmax using Alsurface shader.
The character itself is inspired by the film Insidious.
I used my personal basemesh as a base ( Available on my Gumroad store)

Alsurface for Vray (3dsmax / Maya):

Next project will be more colorful and appealing I promise !


Arthur gatineau render2 heavy
Arthur gatineau triptique light


Arthur gatineau 1
Arthur gatineau lookdev 01


Arthur gatineau lookdev 02


Arthur gatineau lookdev 03


Arthur gatineau wiez


Arthur gatineau zbrush document
Arthur gatineau 1

3dsmax Viewport